Surface and Mineral Owner Rights

Dooley’s experience in assisting surface owners is aided by his study of chemistry and his collaboration with three corporate entities which have substantial experience in environmental cleanup and remediation of spill sites. His service of surface owners affected by chemical poisoning and over flowing rivers spans 40 years.

Issues That Affect Surface Owners

  • Pollution of Soil and Water
  • Creation and Location of Oilfield Roads
  • Location of Pipelines
  • Cleanup of Lands Troubled by Previous Oilfield or Mining Activities, including Pits Sometimes Known As Evaporation Ponds, Abandoned Roads, and Unmarked or Forgotten Pipelines
  • Location of New Wells Close to Occupied Buildings
  • Nuisance Law claims based upon noise and smell; especially poisonous gases such as H2S

Mineral Owner Rights

  • Fintan Dooley has invited William Bontrager, a specialist in mineral rights to assist him in serving North Dakota mineral owners.
  • Three areas of Mineral Law Bontrager and Dooley hope to serve mineral owners:
    1. Abandonment of the leasehold;
    2. Challenge of unconstitutional creation of production units; and
    3. Recovery of mineral interests.