Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples

In the United States, the social subgroup which has invested the most blood and flesh in defense of our country is by far Native America.

In the oil wars since Bush I, as in all previous wars, it is the Native American veteran who suffers the most frequent dismemberment or death. Now with helicopters taking the wounded from the battlefield, the group suffering the largest number of post-traumatic stress disorder cases is Native America.

Native Americans have a unique treaty relationship with the United States government and because of that relationship; Native Americans may assert their treaty rights against State and Municipal Governments. Treaties provide opportunities to recover rights to use the fruits of the land, hunt, fish, harvest plants, revisit, and protect Sacred Sites.

Elected and appointed public officials must be called to account for their failure to recognize that the Federal Trusteeship role protects rather than limits Native American rights in ceded lands, national grasslands, and forests.

Dooley has traveled to the remotes of North America, West Africa, Central America, and Central Asia. In each instance, he has sought out the indigenous farmers and fishermen. He gains an understanding of the concerns of those who are not literate and whose first language is not English.