Fintan Dooley is a graduate of the University of North Dakota Law School where he studied Natural Resources, Property and Environmental Law. He, with Prof. Robert E. Beck, the North Dakota Farmer’s Union, and the United Plainsmen surveyed Coal, Oil and Gas Leasing Practices and convened UND Law School’s First Energy Law Symposium.

Dooley’s is a graduate of NDSU where he studied Botany and Chemistry. He interned at the USDA Research stations in Mandan and Fargo studying grazing land and wheat varieties resistant to lodging. He worked in oil drilling operations on and offshore and in open pit iron and underground mines. He worked in US Steel smelting operations. He understands the environmental impacts of industrial scale resource developments.

He is author of two Public Trust Doctrine cases in North Dakota. The first was called United Plainsmen v. North Dakota Water Conservation, 247 N.W. 2d 457 (N.D. 1976). The second involved an effort to save the McLean County Court House. He is at work on a third soon to be filed against the North Dakota Industrial Commissioners, the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Agriculture, the Oil and Gas Commissioner, and the remediation officer for their breaches of their trustee duties. Officials do not require gauging of saltwater and do not keep accounts of salt water spilled in the fracturing process.

He welcomes eminent domain, chemical poisoning, pollution cases, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death claims.