As an explorer and seeker of justice, my philosophy of education and
awareness of how learning occurs derives from discovery. We are created
unique and are gifted with Multiple Intelligences. Our Creator bids us
to make an honorable try at overcoming injustice and the inequalities
of our births.

Learning takes place by engagement of our Multiple Intelligences.
Although higher esteem is afforded Linguistic, Mathematic, and Interpersonal
Intelligences, those who are more able in Kinesthetic, Natural, Spatial,
and Spiritual Intelligences can succeed. They can strengthen their Linguistic
and Mathematic performances by leveraging off their preferred learning
pathways. Students are quick to agree that they are engaging Mathematic
Intelligences when they perform feats on the basketball court. Likewise
they are ready to acknowledge that their Linguistic talents are displayed
by emphatic recitations of songs. The harder task is to overcome Intrapersonal
anxieties which derive from historical wrongs, insecurity, anger, and

The role of the teacher is to assist students in overcoming
injustice and the inequalities of our births. Discovery of the honors
of disregarded heritages is empowering. Spiritual Intelligence provides
strategies for overcoming familial and tribal woundings. Some of the highly
regarded felons in history include our founding fathers and King David.
The teacher must encourage and while doing so be credible.

The Role of the Students: The students must work in
group, in pair with their teacher, and alone but always supported by the
resources mustered by school. Learning should excite, be planned and methodical.
It should challenge us to seek allies. We should frequently stand and
deliver. It is important to laugh while we stumble.

Cross Cultural Education: As volunteer educator I engaged
in learning with the incarcerated inside the walls of the North Dakota
State Prison. We crossed barriers of resentment and shame. We meet to
discover nearly lost heritages and to study character. Our lessons focused
upon Law and Natural History. Our videos displayed the hunters and fishers
of the Native American Nations. We convinced each other to find what is
honorable in our cultures and keep on learning.