In-the-Forest Kid-Hunt for Bones, Indian Artifacts, Birds, Medicinal
Plants and Insects.

We place my collection fo bones and artifacts in the forest. To keep
it exciting some of the bones and arrow heads say those left within 5
steps of the trail or stuck in trees in those near trail zones are keepers
for the kids. The artifact bones should be left in place until our last
group. Adult volunteers should ask the questions a-g herebelow.

To keep our effort orderly we form search parties of four. Our groups
should be diverse. They will be let loose after they select a leader and
a note taker. This will discouraged misbehavior and stop theft or destruction
of my artifacts. The honor system requires that the group calls for an
adult or return when and if a member destroys an artifact.

The material in the red herebelow can be handed out to all.

Adult helpers ask questions:

  1. What did you find?
  2. Does that animal still live her?
  3. Will it ever come back?
  4. What if any animal replaces that locally
    extinct animal?
  5. What do nutrition do you see in the
    plants now here?
  6. Why does fire do to bring back more
    nutritious plants?
  7. Did you see any water drains?

To get early attention of kids announce an art and short essay contest
: For the best 100 word essay, poem with at least one illustration and/or
sculpture a prize will be will be awarded to two girls and two boys .
Winners must come with a family member or responsible adult. The prize,
a Saturday morning canoe trip through your favorite habitat with Dick
and Finn . Good stories and art can be published on line so your kid participants
have some thing to add to their resumes when they apply to college.

# 1 15 Minutes, In the shelter activity: Look at skulls, hides of bear,
deer and coyote, mounts of Canvas Back and Buffel Head Ducks

# 2 30 Minutes, Count off by fours and form diverse groups then enter
the forest for our chief activity: Artifact, Bone, Bug and plant Hunt:
Find and identify the living and dead fauna and flora.

# 3 15 Minutes, in the shelter, our closing activity: